PPO2 Calculations


Find F02(Mix) based on Depth and PPO2

Enter a PPO2: ex: 1.4

Enter a Depth in ft: ex: 80

Click this button to calculate your mix (F02):  

Mix based on depth and PPO2 is:

Calculated using formula (depth/33+1)x(F02)=PPO2

***NEW version for the phone and PC was released, both now has the option for meters on the menu, and for the phone it will also automatically install for you to the phone. This is version 1.1.0 release on 12/16/05.

If you have a SmartPhone this application can be installed for use on your phone as well by clicking  download here.

I have also made this program for the PC as well, you can download the PC version here.

Actual Screen Shot from Smartphone.